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Flying Menaces: StarCraft II Units Previewed

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 07:15 AM

IncGamers has posted a new preview of two Zerg flying units from the upcoming StarCraft II, the highly anticipated next installment in the popular sci-fi real time strategy series from Blizzard Entertainment. The preview offers an examination of the classic Mutalisk unit and a new recruit to the Zerg airforce: the Corrupter.

The Mutalisks has always been the main airborne force of the Swarm, especially considering the mutations that these beasts can undertake to become even more specialized opponents of the Terran or Protoss forces. With the Swarm under the direct influence of Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, they have done away with many old gene strains, improved some and evolved completely new ones. The Mutalisk is no longer alone in the forefront of aerial battle, they have been joined by the Corruptors, a new breed of Zerg evolutional ingenuity of the genetic.

This breed of flying Zerg are capable of corrupting (infesting) the flying vessels of Terran and Protoss in order to turn them against their allies, and opening fire upon themselves. The effect is only allowing the veichle to remain in the air stationary, and the effects have only a short duration, but by the time the infestation is weeded out, the vessel will have been irreparably damaged, and is destroyed. The amount of damage that it can cause in the meanwhile is frightening, and defeating these Corruptors becomes highest priority on the battlefield, even if that means the Mutalisks will have a field day with the remaining force.
Check out the rest of the preview at the link provided below.
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