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The Broken Hourglass: Spell Battle

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Posted 05 February 2008 - 08:13 AM

Planewalker Games has conjured up a new article about the use of magic in The Broken Hourglass, the developer's yet to be released party based RPG. The feature gives a blow-by-blow look at two mages trading spells, with explanation of why they choose to cast certain spells in certain situations.

All casters in The Broken Hourglass are allowed (indeed, encouraged) to have protective spells up on themselves and/or their party at all times, because most beneficial, protective ("buff") spells can be cast as indefinite hanging enchantments. That means they are only dispelled when the party rests, or when the caster chooses to release them, or when the caster dies--they do not have a set, limited "duration".

Kamberus suspects that he's going to have company, so he decides to invest 25 mana in a fire elemental summon to help keep enemies occupied.

Knowing that they will be facing a pyromancer, Ceyda anticipates that there is good reason to be concerned about receiving fire-related damage. Therefore, she decides to put 15 mana into a Fire Damage Resistance spell and casts it on herself. Ceyda will get about 16% resistance against all fire damage as a result--remember, armor protects against physical damage as well as physical magics, but it is useless against elemental magic. Ceyda is also wearing a special pair of magical goggles which boosts her Perception score considerably (Ceyda once lost a friend to an unseen assassin, so is very worried about hidden assailants.) Wielding the magic in the goggles costs Ceyda 10 mana.

Finally, knowing that she will be sending Gemma against the pyromancer, Ceyda decides to try to give Gemma a strike-first, strike-fast edge. She crafts an aeromantic attribute bonus spell with 20 mana and casts it on Gemma. This gives Gemma an agility bonus, as Air Magic is tied to the Agility primary attribute. This will also give Gemma an advantage in all of her agility-related secondary abilities, such as defensive skills and combat speed.
Head over to the site below to check out the rest of the mage duel.
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Posted 08 February 2008 - 04:02 AM

I'm impressed with the attention to detail that's going into this game. It looks so promising and a return to the kind of storytelling/customisation levels that kept sucking me back into the Baldur's Gate series.

As I've said in previous news stories - can't wait :)