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Pole Position Remix Reviewed

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Posted 25 January 2008 - 08:09 AM

iLounge has posted a new review of Pole Position: Remix one of several new titles recently released for Apple's iPod. The game gives players the chance to experience the arcade racing action of the original. iLounge gave the game a letter grade of C+.

From the review:

Pole Position: Remix is another one of those games that feels too old and underoptimized for the iPod, with art that has barely progressed from 25-year-old standards and controls that donít do justice to the original experience. Namco has tried to simplify the art of driving by creating a combination accelerator and steering wheel; you build speed just by holding your finger on the Click Wheel, and steer by rotating your finger left and right. In automatic mode, the gear shifts automatically into high mode from low whenever youíre in the 160mph range; in manual mode you hit the center Action button to do the same. Trivia fans may also note that thereís no brake, a control that was present in the sit-down versions of Pole Position and Pole Position II, but not in the standup ones.

Shifting gears, the key to passing other cars on the track, is relatively easy. But steering with the iPod is not. Pole Position is a game of fast turns and precise movements to avoid competing traffic. To say that this experience is completely wrecked by the Click Wheel is perhaps too harsh, but once again, this controller takes an experience anyone with a dollar and a dream could almost master two decades ago, and too often transforms it into an exercise in frustration. The turns are as sharp and sudden as they were back in 1982 and 1983, which is to say that theyíre modestly telegraphed and sometimes hard to make even with a steering wheel controller. With the iPodís Click Wheel, youíre at a disadvantage, and since all you are doing in this game is making turns, when thatís not fun or exciting, thereís a problem.
Read the rest of the review at the website linked below.
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