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Swimming The Waters Of Aquaria

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 08:06 AM

Gameplay Monthly has posted a new review of the Windows version of Aquaria. Created by Bit Blot, the side-scrolling underwater action adventure game follows the adventures of Naija as she embarks on a quest to reveal the history of the the underwater land of Aquaria. Gameplay Monthly gave the game a grade of A-.

From the review:

The main adventure is pretty long. You're looking at about a 12 hour game, which is if you don't explore the entire world and see what the rest of Aquaria has to offer. You can gain new abilities to help you on your quest, get objects to decorate your home, find recipes and ingredients, get pets to help you in fights, and more. Some things you find be entering certain areas of Aquaria will also unlock more ending cut-scenes, providing more incentive to explore the vast underwater world. All of these things can be done by swimming through the massive world, bigger than anything you've seen in a Metroid or Castlevania game.

If that isn't enough, the game has a mode that allows you to create your own levels. You can place plants, creatures, and more across your levels, save them, and play them. The fact that it's fun just to swim around the beautiful world of Aquaria makes me see a lot of people wasting time with this. For those who want to go the extra step, you can make mods for the games. Title screens, enemies, entire levels, tile-sets, animation, graphics, sound, music, and more. You can completely customize the game to your liking, and even download mods and install them to try out ones made by other people. I myself haven't done anything with modding because I don't know much is anything at all about it, but those who are willing to invest some time here have a promising time waster.
The Mac version of the game is still in progress and will be released by Ambrosia Software. Read the full review at the website listed below.
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