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id Software's Hollenshead And Hooper Q&A

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Posted 21 December 2007 - 08:07 AM

Computer and Video Games has posted a new interview with id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead and lead level designer Matt Hooper. The interview covers a variety of topics including specifics about the company's new id Tech 5 engine, the upcoming Rage game, and changes in the gaming industry.

Moving away from Rage, how has the development stance changed since the early days of Doom?
Hollenshead: I wasn't at id in the beginning but I know of Quake 2 the development team was 12 people. Now are art team is 11 people and we need to hire two more. So the entire development team on Quake 2 was smaller than the art staff on Rage so that changes a lot of different things in how you work with people.

Before there was John [Carmack], the owners, a couple of programmers, a couple of artists and everybody was talking to everybody. But now it's not really efficient. We've got set of responsibilities, so we've got a lead programmer, a lead designer, a lead artist and all that. We did require some structural changes in terms of how people line up, chain of command stuff and things like that.

The development cycle has increased significantly and we're probably a bit more business-y than we used to be, but when you're getting towards 40 employees and you anticipate getting over that ultimately it requires you to have some rules.

Like before we had no vacation policy; it was like, if you take off too much time you got your ass kicked out. Where as now we have approved vacations, somebody tracks all this stuff and there's a lot more administration stuff
The full Q&A is available at the link below.
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Posted 21 December 2007 - 09:00 AM

Good in a way, the need for more people = the need for even more people, because they need someone to do administration too. more moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney

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Posted 21 December 2007 - 09:30 AM

For some reason, I always pictured Id Software working out of a garage.  A really really big garage with lots of rooms and air conditioning and computers.  A huge garage with a UPS, Ethernet network, and file servers.  A monster garage with a set of rooms where you could goof off and play laser tag.  I don't know where the hell they could park with all of that crap filling it up though.
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