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StarCraft II: Autocast Debate

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Posted 26 July 2007 - 07:16 AM

Blizzplanet has posted a collection of comments from StarCraft II Lead Designer Dustin Browder about the much debated use of autocast for some unit abilities in the upcoming real time strategy sequel. Powerful unit abilities like Psi Storm and the new Time Bomb will not be set to autocast.

Dustin Browder: I have seen a lot of concerns on this board and on other boards about autocast and how this will remove a lot of skill from the game. This would be a really exciting debate, if only we were using it as much as some folks imagine we are. I'm afraid that most of our abilities aren't really appropriate for auto-cast...

StarCraft special abilities are very different from special abilities in other games. They fire off occasionally, they can be used with great precision and they cost a lot of energy so a "miss" is a huge loss. With this kind of design on our abilities, autocast simply doesn't work very often.

The only place we are doing auto-cast at the moment is on the SCV repair ability and on Medics healing people. Both are very similar abilities. They are used a lot. They have a very low cost associated with them so if the unit automatically heals or repairs something you don't want, it's not that big a deal.
To read all of Browder's commment follow the link provided below.
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