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Epic's Steve Polge Discusses Unreal Tournament 3

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 07:14 AM

BeyondUnreal recently posted a new interview with Epic's Steve Polge about the eagerly awaited Unreal Tournament 3. The interview answers a variety of questions about game types, weapons, and Epic's efforts to prevent cheating in UT 3.

BU: What are some of the UT 2004 DM and CTF weapon and gameplay challenges that you will address with UT 3?

SP: We’ve gone to a lot of effort to improve the movement feel, and the changes we’ve made to movement have also allowed us to make the scale of the environments more believable without cramping gameplay. We’ve done some tweaking to weapons to make sure that projectile weapons and hit scan weapons are appropriately balanced. Replacing the shieldgun with the impact hammer also addressed balance issues with flag running in CTF.

BU: Are there any new weapons being planned for non-vehicle gametypes? how about vehicle gametypes?

SP: Most of the returning weapons have significant new functionality. For example, the impact hammer alt fire is a small emp blast that can damage vehicles, or knock power ups off of enemy players. The stinger minigun still has a hitscan primary fire, but the alternate fire shoots large shards which can impale an enemy and pin them to a wall.

The big addition to your arsenal is the deployables, which can both be carried by hand, or deployed from a couple of special purpose vehicles. One example of a deployable is the spider mine trap. When an enemy comes nearby, spider mines emerge from it and scurry after him. In addition, the AVRiL laser guidance can be used to “herd” friendly spidermines, like the spidermine launcher did in UT2004.
A Mac version of the game was recently confirmed. Head over to the site below to read the rest of the interview.
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