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Burning Crusade Interview

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Posted 25 September 2006 - 09:44 AM

Computer and Video Games has released an interview with Blizzard Entertainment's Frank Pearce about the upcoming The Burning Crusade. The first expansion for the immensely successful World of Warcraft will introduce new playable races, an increased level cap, controllable flying mounts, and an entirely new continent to explore.

CVG: What are the first things players will find themselves doing as soon as they go through the Dark Portal?

Frank Pearce: Well, there'll actually be a number of options available but I think a lot of the players, right through the gate, are going to be doing quests from the respective faction powers in the Hellfire Peninsula. I think a fair number of players are also going to want to head off to the dungeon instances right away. We want to get you right into it.

CVG: What I noticed is that the Alliance hub and the Horde hub are quite close together. Is the idea that it'll be one almighty scrap?

Frank Pearce: I don't know about an almighty scrap, but all the Outland zones are going to be contested territory. And there'll be outdoor PvP objectives, or goals to have outdoor PvP objectives in all those zones. Whether or not we'll hit them all up at once with PvP objectives remains to be seen. But that's our goal.

The outdoor PvP objectives in the zone of Nagrand involve the town of Halaa If you don't control that town, if your faction doesn't control that town then you'll have PvP objectives to kill the guards and whatnot and part of that will involve strafing runs over the town 'on rails' where you'll drop bombs. That should be fun.
For the rest of the interview click over to the CVG site listed below.
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Posted 25 September 2006 - 10:23 AM

I know I have a slightly different answer to:


CVG: What are the first things players will find themselves doing as soon as they go through the Dark Portal?

I know that I'll be gawking at the scenery, with the realization that'll set in that holy crap, we're in Outland.