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Civ IV: Warlords Examined

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Posted 30 August 2006 - 08:19 AM

Worthplaying has released a review of the PC version of Civilization IV: Warlords, the first expansion for the popular empire building game. Warlords adds six unique and interesting scenarios, new nations such as the Zulu and Viking empires, and introduces warlord units to the mix. Worthplaying gave Civ IV: Warlords a score of 8.6 out of 10.

From the review:

The Warlords expansion pack, in terms of truly new items, offers four core features, none of which change the game too much on the base level; much like any Warcraft expansion, the results are little more than new wrinkles to the same title. The game expands the number of civilizations with the Carthaginians, Celts (yes!), Koreans, Ottomans, Vikings (double yes!), and Zulu (move "yes!" and "double yes!" around as you wish). The six new civilizations, of course, each get a unique unit and building. Most tend to be a bit less powerful as the modern age progresses, though.

Warlords also introduces the idea of turning a state into a vassal state. Vassal states get bit from the exchange and lose some happiness, but if you're the master state, you get a lot of very nice benefits, including being able to demand resources from your vassal, and automatically having them be on your side in war. The master does, however, pay more maintenance for his cities to control a vassal state. This option probably changes the game more than any other, introducing a significant advantage to not destroying that enemy civilization.
Aspyr Media recently announced work on the Mac version of Warlords, and plans to have the title available for purchase later this year.

To read the entire review, and learn more about the game, click the links below for more information.
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