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Realistic Tactical Shooter: Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45

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Posted 22 April 2006 - 01:16 PM

One of the best experiences of late in my Boot Camp experience. Early on I loaded up Battlefield 2 and although fun, it gets tired. Spawn, kill, die and repeat. Over and over...

Not that Ostfront really breaks that cycle, but killing and dying mean SO much more...

It is meant for online play primarily, though you can practise with bots it isn't much indicator of just the experience you are in for.

The first experience plaing it:

the server allows you to pick from a limited auto assignment of available weapons. Its more realistic to have more guys with rifles than everyone carrying an MG42. I was a German Schutzen (footsoldier) armed with a trusty Kar89... I started out in a field and was with a few other players. We were moving up to our position at the 'front'. The maps are impressive. This map contain a sprawl of trench lines, barbed wire, pill boxes, and an shell cratered landscape. We were on our way through a wheatfield where we could see a few hundred yards away arty coming down sending up rising plumes and deafening sounds. I could hear the pitter-patter of an MG in the distance. That noise got loader until I could see tracer fire starting to sweep its way through the field towards us. Stunned in awe of the battlefield I missed the cries of my comrades to "hit the deck!". It was too late for our little squad. A few guys got chewed up in front of me... and this game is bloody. Don't ever step on a land mine or you might find yourself a torso - just. I took a hit in the leg and tried to crawl away into a nearby trench but was killed shortly after. Never saw the gunner... never knew how I died.

and for the most part that's how it is in Ostfront. There is no magic cam to know where your opponent is. They kill you, you kill them and sometime you'll see each other, only to fire your gun at him, see a small muzzle flash and then everything will go black - you've killed each other.

This game while isn't perfect has enough of those, wow! OMG I can't believe that moments to keep you enthralled.

Red Orchestra Ostfront

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