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WoW- PvP vs PvE Builds

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#1 Huntn


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Posted 16 November 2005 - 11:26 AM

I'm not an authority on this so I'd like to generate some discussion on World of Warcraft Player vs Environment versus Player vs Player Talent builds.

Are PvE builds not compatible with PvP builds?
What are your favorites?

PvP Hunter Build
From this thread is a PvP Hunter Build.

Beast Mastery-5 pts
Improved Aspect of Hawk 5/5

Marksmanship- 34 pts
Improved Concussive Shot - 5/5
Lethal Shots- 5/5
Armed Shot- 1/1
Improved Arcane Shot 5/5
Hawk Eye- 3/3
Mortal Shots- 5/5
Scatter Shots- 1/1
Barrage- 3/3
Ranged Weapons Specialization- 5/5
Trueshot Aura- 1/1

Survival- 12 pts
Monster Slaing- 3/3
Humanoid Slaying- 3/3
Improved Wing Clip- 4/5
Trap Efficiency- 2/2

Warlock Build
Here is a Warlock build that was given to me and that I'm following. Don't know how this stacks up for PvE or PvP:

Affliction: 29

Suppression - 3
Imp. Corruption - 5
Imp. Life Tap - 2
Fel Concentration - 4
Amplify Curse - 1
Grim Reach - 2
Nightfall - 1
Imp. Mana Drain - 2
Siphon Life - 1
Curse of Ex. - 1
Imp. Curse of Exaust - 2
Shadow Mastery - 5

Destruction: 21

Imp. Shadow Bolt - 5
Aftermath - 5
Devastation - 5
Shadowburn - 1
Intensity - 2
Destructive Reach - 2
Ruin - 1

Other Links
Rogu/Mage PvP Build
Atomic Druid Review
Allakhazam Hunter DPS Analysis
Allakhazam Guides

I'm going to incorporate  some of these links into the WoW Links thread.

#2 Tetsuya


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Posted 16 November 2005 - 11:52 AM

that looks like a fairly typical SM/Ruin build.

For PvE, i wouldnt recommend it as it has a high recoup time after fights - you burn mana extremely fast.

A lot of people swear by it in PvP, but i have found that the ammount of time i can actaully stand still and cast a shadowbolt in a fight generally = zero, so Ruin is pointless.. cant get big crits if you cant stand still and cast.

Im 32/7/12

In that warlock build, ditch Improved Drain Mana (its worthless) and Improved Life Tap (only useful for large PvE raids where using LifeTap is faster than Dark Pact - in PvP you cant afford to burn you OWN HP to get mana back) take the 5th rank of Fel Concentration, all 4 ranks of Improved Curse of Exhaustion, and take dark pact.

Drop Intesity, Devestating Reach, and Ruin, pick up all 5 ranks of Demonic Embrace (in demonology).  the extra 15% stam is *huge* at the end game.

#3 Huntn


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Posted 19 November 2005 - 11:50 PM

Thanks Tet! I'll look into your Warlock build.