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An Epic Games Q&A

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Posted 26 September 2005 - 08:28 AM

CVG recently interviewed Mark Rein of Epic Games. This interview focuses on the company's progress on UT 2007 and Unreal Engine 4. In addition, Rein discusses his views on the next generation of the gaming industry.

Which of your games are you most excited about? What about Unreal 2007? What's your favourite part of development there?

Mark Rein: I think the big strides we're making are in AI and the ability to communicate with your team-mates, be they AI or human. The seamless background loading is going to be a huge feature and not just because of our new Conquest feature (that name's still work-in-progress), but it'll enable us to have these unlimited seamless maps. When you play online and you're in a lobby, the ability to keep these people together through their experience will really enhance the community quite a bit.

Unreal Tournament, the original, is still our biggest-selling game ever. Because we sell our games now in instalments, no single instalment is going to sell in the same way as a single game across multiple formats. We're really recapturing a lot of the original, with less jumping around - it went a little crazy with the double and triple jumps. It'll be toned down and a little more skill-based.

The new game modes are pretty cool. If you took Unreal 2004, put it in Unreal Engine 3, upgraded all the artwork, I'd be the first one to buy it anyway. Clearly the visual improvements are exciting. That alone justifies the purchase, but there's a whole lot more. Also, there's Gears of War on Xbox 360. There's not really much more to say on that right now, but it's going great. It's going to be a flagship game.
This Q&A provided insight on the future of the gaming industry and what we may expect. More importantly, the next generation of Mac gaming is just around the corner with the pending release of the Intel Macs. Please follow the links below to read the entire interview and to learn more information.
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