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Reviews In The Myst

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Posted 23 September 2005 - 09:01 AM

With the release of Myst V: End of Ages the final chapter in the Myst saga has come to a close. Today we have two reviews of the new game, one from IGN and another from Gamespot. Myst V managed an 8.8 out of ten from IGN and a 7.9 out of 10 from Gamespot.

From the IGN review:

The story in End of Ages feels a bit more personal than in previous chapters, mainly due to a greater sense of player participation. Usually, narrative in Myst is linear and non-interactive, with player action having little effect on the outcome of the story. While End of Ages takes a similar approach, there's a greater sense of involvement due to the nature of the story. End of Ages is all about choices. Players explore the game knowing they'll have a very important decision to make at the end; a decision that seals the fate of the D'ni civilization. This does more than end the series on a personal note; it adds another layer of immersion to an already immersive experience.
From the Gamespot review:

Fortunately, Myst V does succeed at presenting you with some difficult, interesting puzzles. Pattern recognition and keen observation of subtle cause and effect will help you overcome the environmental challenges impeding your progress. Your journey through Myst V will primarily take you through four different worlds, or "ages," and the goal in each one is to find a special object whose power can only be harnessed once it's found in all four ages. In each age, you'll find a slate--a mystical stone tablet, which you may pick up and carry around and also inscribe with special symbols.
For both reviews and more information about the game follow the links listed below.
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