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The Slacker's Guide Gets Drafted

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Posted 19 September 2005 - 08:16 AM

Mac Observer's Slacker's Guide recently explored the online world of World War II Online. A combination role playing game and first person shooter, WWII unfolds at a slower pace than the typical frenetic action of other online war games. The Guide examines how this pace lends itself to depth of gameplay and strong cooperation between players.

If anything kept me coming back to this game, it was the team element. While World of Warcraft will allow a player to go far alone, this has never been the case with World War II Online. Here a player must work within a unit in order to survive and the player who decides to try to take a town alone will find themselves hard pressed to survive for long, especially after the enemy notices the capture points within the town being taken and sends forces to explore the disturbance.

Join a unit and you join a family, a group that will help you train both online and offline (the best way to get a feel for the game's dozens of vehicles that a player can spawn as), that's usually happy to answer any question. Even if a campaign to capture a city takes the better part of an evening, there's a sense of teamwork that's unparalleled in any other online game as a general coordinates the overall attack while section leaders might guide the air, tank and troop strikes that make up the effort.
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