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Hellgate: London Q&A

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Posted 14 September 2005 - 09:01 AM

In a recent interview with 1UP.com, Dave Brevik of Flagship Studios discussed the upcoming FPS/RPG hybrid Hellgate: London and his role in the creation of the Diablo franchise. Co-founder of Flagship and one of the minds behind Diablo, Brevik gives readers some insight into the creative process of making a game.

1UP: I understand you're one of the guys who was really behind the original Diablo.

DB: Yeah, that's right. Myself and I had two business partners, Max and Erich Schaefer, brothers; the three of us started a company. Originally I thought of the game when I was in high school, and it then evolved and changed over time, especially through college when I was really influenced by Moria and Angband, which were UNIX character games where you were the @ symbol and you attacked the letter A, things like that.

1UP: The days of ASCII?

DB: Yes, the days of ASCII, exactly. So I'm dating myself there a bit. But once we created our own company -- and we wanted to make PC games all along -- we were able to convince a company called Silicon and Synapse to fund us to make Diablo. And then they got bought and changed their name to Blizzard, and then eventually bought us and we became Blizzard North. And that's a short history of the Diablo series.
While a Mac version of the Hellgate is not currently in development, it has been mentioned as under consideration. For the entire interview follow the links below.
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