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Darwinia Q&A

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 09:06 AM

After several positive reviews on the PC side Introversion's Darwinia is receiving renewed interest. Most recently Next Generation interviewed lead designer Chris Delay about the ups and downs of being an independent developer. Part of the interview focuses on the company's inability to gain a publisher in the U.S. despite accolades from the gaming press.

Even though Darwinia’s critically acclaimed by respected publications such as PC Gamer, U.S gamers can’t go to our local store and pick it off the shelf. What are some of the difficulties in distributing Darwinia to a large audience?

Publishers aren’t really interested. That’s the bottom line. We are big enough to self publish in the UK, but the USA is around ten times larger and we just don’t have the staff. The only way for us to reach the U.S shops would be to find a U.S publication deal, and we’ve shown Darwinia to a ton of publishers with that aim, but none of them have shown any significant interest.

Having said that, we can now offer immediate downloads of purchased products from our Darwinia website – so American customers can buy and play immediately without having to wait for delivery.

Where do you see Introversion in the future?

Right now we have the creative freedom we always wanted at Introversion, but we’re not as stable as we’d like. Our last game took three years to make, and if we ever release a game that bombs under that model we’ll be out of business a few months later. Each of our games has to pay for two or three years for the next. My aim for the future of the company is to start taking on more parallel projects – all with equally small teams of two or three developers. This means we can be more prolific (we’ve got about a decade of game ideas here at Introversion), but it also means we can release games more often, which should help to stabilize things a bit.
Brought to the Mac by Ambrosia Software, Darwinia tasks players with rescuing the inhabitants of a virtual theme park from the destructive force of a deadly virus.

For the entire Q&A follow the link below.
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