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New Stubbs The Zombie Screenshots

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#1 IMG News

IMG News

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Posted 07 September 2005 - 11:52 AM

Worthplaying.com has posted a handful of Stubbs The Zombie screenshots for those who simply can't get enough of Stubbs' lovable brain eating antics. The screenshot page also includes a brief description of gameplay.[/articlequote]
As Stubbs, you can:

- Play as a Zombie and give those unpleasant, violent humans a piece of your mind...by eating theirs

- Destroy an entire city built with Bungie’s Halo Engine

- Use Zombie Strength to smash down doors and maul a wide variety of citizens and armed defenders

- Spread Zombie Love by eating the brains of your enemies and adding them to your own personal zombie horde

- Possess unsuspecting humans and use their weapons against their friends

- Use Your Body as a Weapon in the deadliest offense ever: explosive gut grenades, zombie sputum, a severed hand that can crawl through tight spaces and possess the living, a head that doubles as an unholy bowling ball, and flatulence beyond the ken of mortal men.[/articlequote]
Wideload Games and Aspyr Media have scheduled Stubbs for an October release. Click the links below for the screenshots in all their gory splendor.
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#2 the Battle Cat

the Battle Cat

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Posted 07 September 2005 - 02:17 PM

Two of the features mentioned should be combined.  The zombie sputum is the deadly substance that flies from the mouth and nose of the "bowling ball head", it the same weapon.  Putting it the way you did is sort of like saying he has grenades then later listing that he can also throw his guts.  Just being picky.   :P
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#3 The iMac Man

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Posted 07 September 2005 - 02:27 PM

I didn't know you could control rocket launcher dudes... that rocks!

Alright, enough with the screen shots making me drool... I want the game!

...or at least the soundtrack... come on!

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