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Black and White 2 Preview

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Posted 07 September 2005 - 11:52 AM

Gamespot recently posted a new preview of Lionhead Studios' newest game, Black and White 2. The sequel to the popular god simulation game, Black and White, B&W 2 improves upon the original by adding more real-time strategy elements as well as a variety of other features. From the Gamespot article:

You'll discover that it's actually not that easy being a god in Black & White 2, because you have numerous duties and tasks that will keep you busy throughout the game. You must constantly address the needs of your people and answer the occasional prayer, so that they'll worship you. This is important for a variety of reasons. For one, having worshippers means that you get to perform miraculous deeds. Second, you want your people to multiply, which gives you more potential worshippers and enlarges your region of influence. This will also let you build up a mighty army so that you can go out and convert other cities to worshipping you, or, if you're more of a peaceful god, you can create such a magnificent civilization that neighboring peoples will drop their gods like a sack of potatoes and rush over to join your society.

Black & White 2 feels much more like a strategy game than its predecessor, but yet it's still fairly open-ended. There's a clear city-building mechanic that's incredibly easy to use. For example, if you want to build houses, just click on an existing structure, drag it onto an empty plot, and, voila, you've built a house. Or if you need to extend a road, just click and hold on a section of road and draw out the new section of road. With a little practice, it's easy to create a good-looking city that's well laid out. And, as with other city-building games, there's a certain strategy at work here. You need to provide housing and fields so citizens have shelter and food, and there are a slew of additional buildings, from armories to temples, that you can unlock and construct. Assigning citizens to various tasks is also simple, as you just have to pick them up and drop them over what you want them to do. Drop them on a tree, and they'll become a lumberjack, drop them on a field and they'll farm, and drop them on another citizen and they'll, well, breed.
The game is currently slated for a PC release on October 4th. While no Mac version has been announced, given the popularity of the original with the Mac community and Lionhead's support of Mac gaming, a port is likely. Stay tuned to IMG for more information. To view the article, click the link below.
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