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Bill Roper Offers Hellgate: London Info

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Posted 06 September 2005 - 09:47 AM

In an interview with Hellgate Guru, Bill Roper delves into the mechanics of Flagship Studios' upcoming Hellgate: London. Hellgate is an attempt to combine the fast paced action of a first person shooter with the more strategic choices of a skill based role playing game. Among other things the interview touches on the balancing act between two different gameplay styles.

Hellgate Guru: You said FPS players enjoyed this game (at E3) , does that mean that damage will increase if you hit certain weak points. (E.g. the Shulgoth's neck.) To follow up, can you disable enemies? Perform a hamstring, or even remove an arm?

Bill Roper: We don't have any special damage points implemented, although we've thrown the idea around the office, perhaps tying them to specific weapons. We are building an RPG that FPS gamers find very accessible since it looks and feels in many ways like the games they usually play. We want your success in the game to be tied to how well you've built up your character and the strategic choices you make in battle. We do realize that FPS players have some things they really want from games, and if there was a simple way we could appeal to that in some ways without making it unbalanced for the core RPG players, we'll give it serious consideration.
The interview also touches on Hellgate's skill system, difficulty levels, interactive environments, and a variety of other issues. Although no Mac version has been confirmed Roper has previously stated it is in consideration.

To read the interview and learn more about the game grab your holy water and set off for the sites listed below.
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