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Hot Date troubles

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Posted 21 September 2004 - 02:42 PM


My sis is running The Sims with the Hot Date expansion pack and she's having a lot of troubles whenever she sends her Sims downtown. The game actually becomes nigh unplayable, with freezes of several seconds if you decide to do anything but stand around, let alone interact with anything/anyone.
Now, the funny part is that she's running this game on a 1Ghz G4 ibook 640 Mb RAM w/ X 10.3.5 wich by all means is way beyond the system requirements as given by Aspyr.
I know that the game normally runs sluggish when entering downtown, but this is beyond sluggish, trust me. In fact before she had her iBook she used to play on my old man's beige G3 and the performance on the iBook when in the downtown area is almost just as bad as it was on that machine.
I already tried killing all possible background processes including the Finder, but nothing helps.
I don't really expect a working solution to this problem (although suggestions are welcome ofcourse  :wink: ) but I just wanted to know if there's anybody on these boards with a) a similar setup and if that person experiences the same problem and B) if there are people who saw a performance drop after updating Panther somewhere along the way. That way the problem could hopefully be narrowed down to a problem between the 'book/OS and the game and a bug report submitted to Aspyr or something.

Lotsa thx in advance