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Watch list a bit off...

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Posted 28 April 2004 - 04:51 PM

I like the idea behind the watch list, but I feel the execution is a bit lacking. So id like to vent my opinion, if not just for kicks.

-You can only list 20 items on your watchlist, thats a bit low seeing how I allready HAVE 20 games.

-Games and expansion packs are listed seperatly, that is a bit silly since "most" of the time you need to have the base game before you can play the expansion pack, so listing games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Medal Of Honor Spearhead, and Medal Of Honor Breakthough is a bit redundant, just having ONE game setting for "Medal Of Honor" would work for most. I mean one could fill his entire watch list up with the Sims, if one did like them...

- Hardware could be listed by type, not by model. Id like to get news when a new mac Video card appears, but that option does not appear.

- The Watch list does not have an "notify if updated" setting. THAT, I think, would be the best reason to have a watch list. IMG cannot not list every game update in the news, and you might just miss the update you are waitning for if you arent paying attention at the small box to the right.

- Am I making sense at one 0'clock at night ?

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