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Crash in CandC Generals Demo

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#1 pbissell



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Posted 08 April 2004 - 07:20 AM

In the opening sequence of the game (silent dawn) as the helicopter goes down, my Dual GHz G4 w/ ATI 64MB Card (I have no idea which one - the profiler doesn't say but I think a 9000 or 8500) crashes. Always as the helo turns sideways in the air.
Big Bummer.
Any ideas?


#2 Syndicomm



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Posted 08 April 2004 - 03:31 PM

On my dual G4/1.25 MHz with RADEON 9000, the game crashes either during that movie or during the movie introduction to the mission when I try to play one.  Every time; it never lets me actually play.

That's not a good way to impress people with a demo.

#3 Jager



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Posted 10 April 2004 - 08:56 PM

I too am having freezes, esp. on the loading screen.  Here is what I do:

move the mouse around.  

For whatever reason, it freezes 100% of the time i have the mouse still when it goes into the intro screen.  So now i always move the mouse in little circles, rush to the "Solo Play" option, and get into the game ASAP.  Go figure.  The game is marvelous, and stunning on a dual G5 (nVidia g-card), but i pray to god that the freezes and crashes won't be an issue on the full version when i buy it next week.  

I also have somewhat infrequent freezes when it shuttles between in-gamem cinematics and ingame control.  <sigh>