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Apple (AR/)VR headset

20 June 2020 - 03:18 AM

It's not really a "Mac" piece of hardware, but the Apple AR/VR headset has been rumoured for a while. Now this is getting more concrete.


However, there are few things that don't make much sense to me.
  • The "N301" headset is supposed to support both AR and VR, although these concepts are quite radically different. For one, an AR headset must be transparent and a VR headset must be opaque.
  • It is supposed to be autonomous, so I take that it does not require a smartphone or PC. So it would be powered by its own OS, have storage, CPU, GPU, RAM + display. Some prototype variant would be paired with a dedicated "hub" (why not just a Mac or Apple TV??) making it "blow anything else on the market out of the water". I'm not sure what "anything else" refers to here. Standalone headsets I suppose, like the Oculus Go. In that case that doesn't mean much.
  • the headset is supposed "to feature ultra-high-resolution screens that will make it almost impossible for a user to differentiate the virtual world from the real one.". Yeah sure... Even the most powerful GPU cannot do that, but a standalone headset could do it? Or are they only talking about picture quality? Even so, no display even comes close to the real world, let alone a display that is so close to your eyes.
  • N301 would be focused on gaming. Color me skeptical. Apple has never produced any hardware focused on gaming, and they don't really understand gaming in general.

DiRT 4?

01 December 2019 - 10:57 AM

This forum section looks deserted... :unsure:

Anyway, I tried DiRT 4, and it's a good job I got it at 20% of the price because I don't find it very good. Note that I'm not interested in competitive/career mode, I only play random stages for fun.

The graphics don't look better than DiRT rally, but frame rate is definitely lower. So since you have to lower the quality to get the same performance, the game actually looks worse.
The procedurally generated tracks are, as expected, incredibly boring. Give me hand-made tracks ! I thought they existed in Dirt 4, but they are nowhere to be found in the game modes I play.

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