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Mac Upgrade path for a gamer?

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Posted 05 May 2019 - 08:14 PM

View Postmacdude22, on 05 May 2019 - 12:38 PM, said:

Organizations that want to get work done. There is a huge disconnect with the folks in this forum and the professional world.

I already gave you an example from the professional world. The number of Macs in my consulting firm are exploding because they run both Office and all the data science tools you can shake a stick at. And we can run Linux and Windows in a VM. I don't need this as much as I used to, but each project is different. My Mac laptop is a swiss army knife.

View PostJanichsan, on 05 May 2019 - 07:56 AM, said:

NumPy is probably not the best example as it's actually platform agnostic,
I seem tor recall that I had to run it in a Windows VM early on, but I don't recall why. Maybe it was some other dependency that was the problem.

View Postmacdude22, on 05 May 2019 - 12:52 PM, said:

I'm not trying to trivialize anyone's opinion but Apple's key customers are no longer the armchair prosumers of the late 90s. It's insurance companies, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, etc...
I think you are looking too far into the future here. If you are right the Mac desktop line is going to wither away by itself- all Apple needs to do is what they are already doing: make iPads more and more business friendly. Preemptively forcing ARM on the Mac desktop seems very risky to me. Whereas in a few years it might seem inevitable. (I think the Pro models will be the last to go though.)

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Posted 05 May 2019 - 09:34 PM

View Postmacdude22, on 05 May 2019 - 12:46 PM, said:

The majority of sales, office, marketing folks do not need a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro. However they frequently need somewhat more flexibility than an iPad or Chromebook provides.

Would it surprise you to learn that my wife works for a Fortune 100 company and does the majority of her work on a company provided iPad? Would it surprise you to learn that I manage the Apple infrastructure for an organization that has thousands of Apple devices. Devices that facilitate some of our most mission critical workflows (literally life and death)? There's a LOT to complain about with apple (and I do frequently) but these concerns about gamers and nvidia cards and ARM devices are so off apple's (and most organizations) radar they are in another galaxy.
I'm not doubting what you are saying is true, but it's still no argument for an ARM based Mac.

If some markets as you phrased it love iPads/Chromebooks and are not interested in desktop PCs anymore, why should these markets care about a desktop PC with an iPad CPU?

And that professional iPad/Chromebook users occasionally need something with more flexibility does not answer the question where the overlap between this group and the target audience for a high-end, high-performance machine with server grade multi-core CPUs lies. And especially why this group would require a new iteration of this machine to be based on ARM CPUs and why something based on Intel CPUs could not offer this more of flexibility. It sounds that what the target audience you describes needs are better, more flexible iPads with extra bells and whistles, not ARM-based Macs. Or if they need Macs, there is no reason why these Macs cannot be Intel-based. Quite contrary, the flexibilty argument speaks rather in favour of keeping Intel CPUs, as these allow for more software (see above) and the option to run Windows (with full application suppprt) in any way locally.

Neither is clear how the companies you and your wife work for would in any way profit from ARM-based Macs.

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Posted 06 May 2019 - 06:40 AM

You're the experts not me :teehee:
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Posted 06 May 2019 - 08:21 AM

I need to run Safari, Scrivener, and Civilization IV. If an ARMacbook can do that, then I am fine. I wouldn't want an ARiMac though.
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Posted 06 May 2019 - 09:22 AM

View PostThain Esh Kelch, on 06 May 2019 - 08:21 AM, said:

I need to run Safari, Scrivener, and Civilization IV. If an ARMacbook can do that, then I am fine. I wouldn't want an ARiMac though.

I doubt Aspyr would bother to port such an old game. Civ VI is already on ARM, if you could live with that....