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In Topic: Looking for co-op buddies

Yesterday, 03:05 AM

View PostCougar, on 17 January 2020 - 06:03 PM, said:

For FPS to interest me these days it has to be story-based...can't think of any good story-based co-operative FPS games off the top of my head.

In Topic: Free Mac (and occasionally Windows) games

Yesterday, 03:04 AM

Horace, win only, free on Epic store.

In Topic: Cheap Mac Games

17 January 2020 - 01:32 AM

Humble has a pretty big bundle at the moment. 29 games, of which 23 of them have Mac versions. 25$+ for it, and 100% goes to helping out with the Australian barbeque.

In Topic: Is it possible to cross genre search on MGS?

16 January 2020 - 03:09 AM

Thanks for the feedback. I went through what there was, but I don't think there's much if you either can't read basic words, or even understand english in the first place. LIke, the Humongous Adventures titles look great, but requires english understanding, and at this point she can count to 10 in english, and that's likely not going to improve much until she hits grade 2 in public school.

She has plenty of coloring apps on the iPad, but prefers coloring in real life. I get like 2-4 drawings a day from the kindergarten... :P

The Vivi Spotter games look good though, so I think I'll give one of those a try, thanks! Any suggestions for simple platforming games for a small child?

In Topic: Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

13 January 2020 - 02:54 PM

Mass Effect 1-3, Read Dead Redemption 1+2, Dead Space 1-3, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted 1-4, Kingdom Hearts 1-3, Dark Souls 1+2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3 and Skyrim. All on macOS, because they are all supposedly awesome games.

Thanks! 8)