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In Topic: (old) steamclient on (old) machine

Today, 09:28 AM

In short: it works! I played HL2 ten minutes ago on a fresh install on my macmini 2009 with 10.6.8 :) YEAH!

In Topic: (old) steamclient on (old) machine

Yesterday, 09:59 AM

Google for "still_running_os_x_1068_or_earlier_you_can_still"
I think I remember to get the old steam-client from that, but I do not remember how to get my games in that client.


"Duh! If such a link were available, this wouldn't be an issue. Valve doesn't make old versions available. I can understand you not trusting my link, but you could easily run a virus checker on the app in it. If you have an archive copy of a functional Steam install, you can use it. You just have to tell the Steam client not to update: You have to make a text file containing the line "BootStrapperInhibitAll=Enable" (without the quotes). Name the file Steam.cfg. Find the Steam app, right-click, select Show Package Contents. Within the package, open Contents, then Mac. Copy the Steam.cfg file into there. Once you do that, the Steam client will never update, but the games will. That's all I did to create the linked copy, other than deleting 250 MB of installation packages out of it."

In Topic: (old) steamclient on (old) machine

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

Beside that steam-problem. I bought some games on "delivery2mac" and on "macgamestore".

Blitzkrieg: no serial is working, don't know why (i got two or three back then, because they changed something in the rights management)
AlienShooter2: Serial is working, but the "backend" tells me that I installed it on too many machines. I last played it perhaps 5-6 years ago, it's not installed beside on that macmini. Great!
Update: placed a ticket on macgame-store-support #10091
Rage: I will test to copy the working version from my iMac to my macmini. (Game+ApplicationSupport)

more to come. :(

In Topic: (old) steamclient on (old) machine

Yesterday, 09:19 AM

On my MBA 10.6.8 steam is working and I can play HL2/EP1/2/LostCoast.

SteamClient: Oct 14 2015 12:24:53
SteamAPI: v017
Steam-Pakage-Version: local

Re-Import of my backup is not possible! anymore.
So I need another way to transfer the working MBA installation to my mini.

In Topic: (old) steamclient on (old) machine

Yesterday, 05:26 AM

I did a reinstall of the MBA not long ago and as far as I remember this I got it working with 10.6.8.
I downloaded the steam-client for 10.6.8 and placed a special "steam.cfg" in the steam-app.
This prevents the steam-app from updating all the time, it stay's on the version that is installed.

After that I made a reimport of the games I exported on my NAS.

I remember that this worked for the MBA, but now it does not work for the Macmini.

Steam must be "online" in oder to let me Import games that I formerly exported,
if I go offline this feature does not work. But when I am only the steam-client tells me
that there are no updating-servers available, but I will not update or download the game
from steam, I will only reimport my backup.

I did some testing but did not found a solution yet.

Now I will simply do a copy of my games from the "application-support/steam", but I am
pretty sure that this will not work too, especiall if I try this with the actual steam on my iMac.