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What is your pick for the best recent FPS on macOSX ?

19 January 2019 - 08:25 PM

So I'm over 60 years old and I've been playing games (amongst other things) on macOS since 1986.  Like others i lament the fact that many great games never got ported to the Mac platform but many did and some were the best of the genre.
So it wasn't all Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem but things were a bit limited for a time there.
So I graduated to the Marathon trilogy and that kept me going until Bungie finally ported a version of Doom to the Mac platform.  Closely followed by Quake thanks to the fantastic "Unreal" engine and these games and thier versions kept me going for some years.  Still things were a bit sparse until Prey landed in the App Store, then came the Bioshock Trilogy and Deus EX, not to closely followed by mention Rage and Borderlands the second version of which I am playing now.
There have been some variations on the FPS genre as well that I have really enjoyed such as Thief and Batman; Arkham City and Metro 2033 but if you want a visually startling, totally original story with a  complicated sociopolitical, religious and historical premise, not to mention lovable characters (well I fell for Elizabeth) great weapon concepts and a mystery that keeps you guessing till the end (and even after) it would be hard to go past Bioshock Infinity.  Mind you the first version, the dark and equally original game,( thank you Irrational Games—2K Australia—and the brilliant Ken Levine) is also terrific and has raised the bar so high that only he could jump it.
So let me hear your views/favourites and or suggestions for me, I'd love to hear back and if anyone wants some pointers or hints (no spoilers) on Borderlands 2 gimme a response.