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Where can I buy the Assassin's Creed games for mac?

07 July 2020 - 05:03 AM

Hi there, any chance of buying them?
Thank you.

OpenGL / Metal / Vulkan for a (retro) gamer

23 June 2020 - 11:41 AM

Hi there, I am currently checking the gfx-api's for mac and the games that support it or were patched to use them.
I am only interested in intel igp, not any dedicated gfx-cards.

< 10.11 32/64 OpenGL
> 10.11 32/64 OpenGL + Metal (1)
> 10.13 32/64 Metal (2) + OpenGL
> 10.14 32/64 Metal (2)
> 10.15 64 Metal (2)

Is this correct?

So talking about 10.11+ we are talking about intel HD-Series starting from HD3000.
HD3000 is opengl only, metal support is from HD4000 and above.

For a retro gamer like me, does the metal api, especial from the beginning in macos 10.11+
have any advantages, or should I stick to openGL?

I could not find any overview or comparison with games that got metal support via patch.

Feral did some metal-patches to games like Tombraider 2013 and Batman ArcamCity.
But these were perhaps Metal (2) patches that require 10.14+. I don't know why they did
not made them work on 10.13...but that could most likely be due to the macmini 2011
that has HD3000 and this had no metal-support.

Would be nice to get more information about that toppic...


What games were ported to metal (1) and run from 10.11+ on intel gpu?

MSI Afterburner for Mac?

23 December 2019 - 03:57 AM

Hi, is there a software for mac that has the features of MSI-Afterbunrer for Windows?
I would like to see if the (older) games utilize the quadcore or not?


Intel HD 3000 (Mac Mini 2011)

14 December 2019 - 08:24 AM

Compatibilitylist tested on 10.12.6:

Halo CE (Shaders and Shadows wrong)
MaxPayne3 (does not start, hangs in initializing)
Batman Arkym Asylum (does not start, but is supported with 8GB Ram. Does not work on 10.7.5 either, 320m works with 8GB on 2010 macmini)

HL2 Series (some shaders do not look as good as on 320m)
COD4 works good, but stutters more than with 320m. Has no shadow option, 320m has shadow option)

COD2 in High-Details has no stutterung, no Lags, just perfect. (some effects are missing, but I think these cause the Langs and low-framerates on all other machines with high-details on)

to be continued...

Anyone still using HD3000 and has some informations too?

Older Windows-Games on Mac (Wine)

06 October 2019 - 03:24 AM

Hi, I am currently checking out, how to make older windows-games running on mac.
I downloaded winskin-winery and began my testing.


First attempt: Dune 2000 (Fantastic strategy-game from 1999. Superbe graphics, sound, great atmosphere.)
All you have to do is downloading the suitable engine for the game and copy the windows-installation into the folder.
In this case you have to choose WS8WineCXG8.1.0 if you choose another engine you will get a mousepointer-error.

keep in mind:


CX Engine is built with Wine source code that was modified by Codeweavers to use in their product called Crossover. This may have changes that help compatibility with certain programs that Crossover supports.

CXG Engine is built with Wine source code that was modified by Codeweavers to use in their product called Crossover Games. This may have changes that help compatibility with certain games that Crossover Games supports.

ICE means Installable Compressed Engine. This means the engine is stored in compressed format inside of the wrapper, and when you go to run it, it will automatically install the engine onto your machine (in your home folder, Library, under Application Support and Wineskin). This comes in very handy because the same installed engine is used for every wrapper you run that has the same ICE version. Say you have 5 programs that all run fine with a certain ICE version, you can have them all share that same install, which means instead of a 100mb install of Wine inside each wrapper, there is a single one on the system... so for those 5 wrappers, instead of taking up 500mb (a half a GB) of space, you can take up a simple 100mb. Since the Engine is compressed and automatically self installing, you can still share these wrappers around to anyone you'd like. The first time they run it they'll get a little Window saying its putting the engine on their machine... depending how fast the machine is, it can take from about 10 seconds to under a minute. I like these because I can use them to test a lot, and I have a dozen or so little simple programs that can all share the same engine.

Is anyone here that also uses wineskin-winery ?