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Posted 03 November 2008 - 09:03 PM

So things are a bit clear:

A word about discussing politics and religion... it isn't done in polite company, at work, or here. Both subjects are explosive hot topic buttons. If you want to talk about politics I invite you to attend one of the thousands of forums out there devoted to that general topic. My experience at other forums is that when politics becomes a part of it, it leads to extremely bad feelings and even hatred among forum members bleeding into other completely unrelated areas. It can very quickly spiral out of control. In IMG forums especially, teamwork and camaraderie among its members is vital to the nature of the work being done here. We need each other to help one another with technical problems, share the fun of Mac gaming, and provide new gaming information as we find it on the internet and through other friends. Trust me on this one, if you are ripping each other's lungs out in Off Topic, it WILL carry over into the other forums.

I don't care what your politics are, but I DO care about the health of this forum.

Also, discussion about the no-discussion of politics will not be allowed, as it is a sign of defiance and complete disrespect for the forum rules. It will also put you into moderation faster than you can kick a battle cat.

-Fm [1oM7]
"I'm not incorruptible, I am so corrupt nothing you can offer me is tempting." - Alfred Bester