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New 2018 MBPs released

12 July 2018 - 02:02 PM

Surprise. Given the no WWDC news I'd figured that would be it until the Fall. I guess these would have been too embarrassing to announce on stage.

-Same popsnizzlety keyboard. It might be fixed, but they're not saying so probably not.
-Same port layout (which I'm fine with, BTW. But Apple, just put a card reader in there for the photography people.)
-Useless TouchBar is still not optional, but hey, it's now got a T2 chip, so you can shout at Siri not working from across the room
-True Tone display, but same popsnizzlety resolution...so the default scaled setting makes your display blurry like a layer of Vaseline
-New leather sleeves. Now you can put your laptop inside an overpriced bit of dead cow! Sexy.

Most of this is snark. I love my 2016 (and its keyboard is fine, knock on...aluminum). I would have liked something major, but I'm just glad Apple is upgrading these yearly now. (I guess my standards have fallen). I'll be happy to get four cores, which games still won't properly utilize, in the 13" when I upgrade in a few years.