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#204748 Warcraft 3 installation problem

Posted by Babsi on 20 March 2005 - 01:19 PM in Mac Strategy

Any solution to this!

I have exactly the same problem?!



#203276 LOTR crashes a lot

Posted by Babsi on 08 March 2005 - 03:17 AM in Mac Strategy

Hi there!

I have exactly the same problems as the previous poster!

I have a very lean and clean installation of 10.3.8 on my 15" 1,5Ghz PB G4 with 1 GM Ram, 64MB VRAM and a ATI Mobility Radeon 9700.

I'm playing at 800x600, Antialiasing off, Shadows off; I trying to figure out if changing Character Details/SFX settings do any help, but I don't think so.

(besides the crashes the movie/audio is completely out of sync, on a longer cutscene up to 5sec!)

this is very frustrating, near to un-playable...

any ideas anyone?


#202685 LOTR: ROTK video out of sync! Any fix yet?

Posted by Babsi on 03 March 2005 - 11:33 AM in Mac Strategy

Hi guys!

I just started to play ROTK on my 1,5 GHz G4 15" PB with 1GB Ram, 64MB VRam, OS X 10.3.8

as mentioned in other posts, video is totally out of sync with the sound in all of the cutscenes!

it's awful

any idea what I could try?

thanks a lot


Babsi :unsure: