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Posted 04 July 2005 - 01:29 PM

jibclimmer, on July 1st 2005, 09:52 AM, said:

Why exactly are we arguing about this? This is just the whole stupid Mac vs. PC argument that has been going on forever, just on a different level. There's no answer that will satisfy everyone, and ultimately coming to some kind of agreement (while probably impossible) won't really make anyone's lives better... *shakes head at pointlessness*
This is my response to support this point.

I made a short comment about how the Mactell would be superior to the hardware the my friends use. This may have not been obvious but I have said this a few times in this thread for clarification.

This is the exact comment that I found at another forum. A Windows/Mac forum.

"Ok, for a second I thought we were about to get into the never-ending Mac VS. Windows debate"-Guy 1
"Nah, I use windows but I don't have a problem with mac, just the people who are 120% biased for them"-Guy 2 (My kind of windows user)
"Good, the less biased people in the world the better. There are Bias people on both sides. But hey, what can we do?"-Guy 1
"The world may never now, but for everything else, there's mastercard."-Guy 2

This is not worth getting in a fuss over anymore. Both sides have changed the debate one way or another, that it is not worth debating.

and as said above.

jibclimmer said:

There's no answer that will satisfy everyone

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Posted 04 July 2005 - 02:02 PM

This sounds like a good stopping place.  :)
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