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In Topic: What If Google Had Not Deleted The Fake Steve Ballmer Blog?

Today, 01:31 AM

View PostSteve Ballmer, on 19 January 2018 - 11:54 PM, said:

I have only one thing to say about that; Nano-bots! We are secretly working on them, they work on a micro-cellular level and can reprogram the human brain (in theory) so that all you problems will be solved. Human test start in about a month or two or ten.

Cool. Can I get in on the beta?

In Topic: Net Nuetrality - Can One Fake Blogger Make a Difference?

Today, 01:26 AM

Well, I may not be among the faithful but one fake blogger did just give me a good laugh out loud moment when I scrolled down to see the picture you posted here. If only the SNL crew would do some skits on Mr. Ballmer. Imagine the possibilities?

In Topic: Best Arcade and Board Games for mac

Today, 01:02 AM

Okay. I stand corrected then.

Iím sorry Anas. You seem like a nice enough guy in your posts here. I could have and should have better communicated what my real issue was and that simply had to do with transparency about the referral links. Thereís nothing wrong with doing that but itís a very good thing I think to be up front about it with a disclaimer of some kind. I think that in its own way sends a good message to people which is ultimately beneficial to yourself as well.

In Topic: What If Google Had Not Deleted The Fake Steve Ballmer Blog?

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

View PostSteve Ballmer, on 17 January 2018 - 07:34 PM, said:

I shall cure you my brother!

There is no cure for the likes of me. Ask tBC. Heíll tell you. He even tried electrocution but to no avail. Besides, my sister-in-law promised sheíd never speak to me again if I went Apple. You donít really think you can motivate me to change now I hope because there is no way I am giving that up for anything.

In Topic: Best Arcade and Board Games for mac

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

I might be wrong but I donít think posting a link to your website of top 10 lists of software with what I assume are referral links to the App Store in every case is really appropriate for here.

Also, if you are the digital marketing expert you claim to be on this site, I would expect that it would occur to you that having someone edit the copy who is fluent in the written English language would be more than a little helpful if you want to be taken seriously by native English language speakers. I am inclined to wonder how someone with a marketing degree would not know this. This leads me to question your real motive in posting it.

On a bright note, the fact that I am this direct is why I am not a moderator which is for the best. Perhaps I am wrong here but I donít think so or I would not have responded.