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Metro 2033

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:41 PM

I picked this up in Steam.  I wanted to play this for some time, and the time was right.

The basic story is pretty unusual and creative.  The graphics are fine, although most of the game takes place in gloomy areas without a lot of light.  The controls feel pretty good, and the enemies vary from several human factions to unusual mutants and some spooky creatures.

it took me about 10 hours on Hard difficulty.  Definitely worth $10 on Steam, and possibly $20.  There is supposed to be a sequel coming.

I would give it a "B" grade.  Not awesome, but fairly respectable.

[spoiler alerts]

On the downside there were a number of things I really despised

- the game steals your ammo.  Mostly related to several instances that directly preceded a cutscene, your ammo simply vanishes.  I think this happened at least one more time in the D-6 level, but I cant confirm this.

- there are 2 cases where you have to sit and wait for about 2 minutes for the NPC to have a long winded conversation before you can proceed.  Very annoying.

- playing on Hard is pretty hard.  Enemies do not appear to suffer from the effects of limited light, fog and looking through a gas mask, like you do.   At this level I have to shoot someone in the head with a .44 magnum 3-4 times to really put them down.  Annoying.

- the game feeds you very little ammunition.  It gets pretty tiring to loot enemies only to find a single round of ammunition.  Maybe 2.  This isnt critical, as if you are careful, you dont run out, but it would of been nice to be able to save up a reserve.

- the gas mask filters are somewhat confusing.  At certain points I had 10+ filters.  I would change one out, and find I only had 5 left.  Not sure if the game stole my filters, or it consumes more filters if you wait longer  between changes.  I suspect the game varies the duration of a filter and how many it takes based upon on well you are doing.

Mad Dog