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DiRT 4?

01 December 2019 - 10:57 AM

This forum section looks deserted... :unsure:

Anyway, I tried DiRT 4, and it's a good job I got it at 20% of the price because I don't find it very good. Note that I'm not interested in competitive/career mode, I only play random stages for fun.

The graphics don't look better than DiRT rally, but frame rate is definitely lower. So since you have to lower the quality to get the same performance, the game actually looks worse.
The procedurally generated tracks are, as expected, incredibly boring. Give me hand-made tracks ! I thought they existed in Dirt 4, but they are nowhere to be found in the game modes I play.

Back to DiRT Rally.

"Apple Arcade"

25 March 2019 - 12:26 PM

So there's this new gaming subscription service. I post this here because apparently, Apple Arcade will support the Mac.
I see no major developer, no Feral, no Aspyr...
What I see is a bunch of casual games of mediocre quality (they may be considered high quality for mobile games, but mobile games are trash in general, so...).
What do you think?