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Should I take the Red Spoon or the Blue Spoon?

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Posted 13 September 2021 - 01:10 AM

I switched to PC (assembled it myself) four years ago, after 25 years on Macs, when I realised that:
- so many games on PC, and that had become my main hobby by far so it made sense. And I don't want multiple computers (well except for my work laptop of course).
- so my Mac Pro was spending more and more time booted on Windows than macOS anyways. I don't have any critical app I need on macOS.
- Apple had become a smartphone manufacturer still producing computers on the side, rather than the reverse, and it showed in so many aspects in the OS, starting with the name, macOS instead of Mac OS, as well as rampant "iosification" of the interface, aggravated by the fact I can't stand iOS.
- It's actually way easier to play games on PCs than Macs, especially old ones. It's a joke sadly how this particular game will require that version of macOS minimum, but this other one will only work on an old OS version but not too old either, etc. While except for a few exceptions, a 20 years old PC game will still work on the latest Windows 10 (I don't play so old games often, but 10 years old ones happens regularly). The ARM switch won't help with that of course.
- Abyssal drivers and OpenGL performance which made the same game run at 1.5x or 2x the frame rate on Windows on the same hardware (Metal seemed to have improved on that, but much too late).
- Very limited choice of graphics card, usually of previous generations; also affordable extensible Mac towers were a thing of the past, and my Mac Pro 2010 was getting old and needed a replacement. iMacs and portables not suitable as gaming machines IMHO.

So I took the red pill. :w00t: