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Feral's upcoming project?

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Posted 27 May 2017 - 01:02 PM

Without reading anything else I have to wonder to what extent people would reject any significant change to the basic format/gameplay of the previous trilogy of installments. I know I was not enthused about that personally when I read about it a long time ago but that's just me. Maybe I have a lot of company there.

I loved DOW II myself just exactly as it was. To me the game is perfection really. My earlier comment was more in reference to the DOW II games than this one although I did expect a game developed by Relic to be good.

If the game is loaded with cost inflating DLC for factions, content, war gear and whatever else like say, COH2 was, I would be so turned off by that myself as to reject it until years from now when you can get it all for $20.

Did I miss anything there?
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Posted Today, 11:21 AM

Maybe DOW III would have been better received if it was branded as a a different game and in a different universe. It poorly reflects Warhammer canon where the space marine is king and is nothing like the previous DOW games.
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