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Apostrophes not showing correctly when posting from iPhone

08 March 2020 - 08:14 AM

I've often seen posts from other people that don't show apostrophes correctly. I've never had any problems with my apostrophes and never knew what causes this problem. Normally I always post here from my Mac. However, yesterday I posted from my iPhone for the first time and guess what? Today I noticed my post from yesterday didn't show apostrophes correctly. So, that's where the problematic posts come from. I've just edited my original post from yesterday to improve readability. Then I'll reply to this thread from my iPhone using apostrophes and double quote-marks to show off the problem. Maybe there are other devices causing problems, like Android, Windows or Chromebook. If people have these devices they can maybe post in this thread and let us know what device, operating system and browser they're using to help Frigidman (or whoever is responsible for these kind of things) find the source of this problem.

This is a post I’ve made from my iPhone Xs using Safari.

Let’s post a quote by Steve Jobs, to see how double quote-marks are displayed when posting from an iPhone.

Steve Jobs said: “One more thing...”

Oops, I accidentally edited my original post from my iPhone, instead of adding a new post. Anyway, the first half of the post was made on a Mac and doesn't show any problems. Then I added the three lines at the bottom from my iPhone and they don't show apostrophes or double quote-marks correctly.

Hmmm, my last post was also added to my original post. Apparently this forum merges posts automatically when posting several posts within a very short period of time. Well, the problem is visible, so whatever.