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Avatar Guidelines & IMG FAQ II

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Posted 16 December 2003 - 06:45 PM

What is an avatar?
An avatar is the icon under your forum username that can be used to represent yourself.

How do I make an avatar?
An avatar can be made from any piece of digital artwork — a digital photo, screenshot, etc. If you plan on using copyrighted material, be sure to obtain permission from the original author. Save it as a .png, .gif or .jpg file.

How do I host my avatar?
Click on the "My Controls" link towards the top of the forum page then click on the "Edit Avatar Settings" link on the left. Enter the URL in the "Enter a URL to an online avatar image" field. If you have a .Mac account, place the avatar in the "Sites" folder and enter "http://homepage.mac....e/filename.jpg" into the field. IMG now offers hosting services.  Click on the "My Controls" link, select "Edit Avatar Settings" and select an avatar from one of the galleries provided by IMG.  There are also many free alternatives such as: Image Shack, PixPond, IMGSpot or Photobucket.

Avatar Amendments
1. Your avatar must be no larger than 90 pixels high by 90 pixels wide and 50 KB in size. There are no exceptions.

2. Your avatar must not be animated in any way, shape, or form.

3. Your avatar must not contain any obscene or offensive material. We reserve the right to determine what is obscene and offensive.

Please do not try to circumvent these rules. Any avatars that fall outside the guidelines will be promptly deleted.
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Posted 20 December 2003 - 05:56 AM

Since the old FAQ has been lost for ages now, I think it might be time to gather up a new one. Everybody help by posting here with questions and answers that are repeated way too often. Don't do it for "post-count ++" though, since I will clean it up regularly and collect all questions in this post, but all additions/corrections are welcome.


Q: I'm a newly registered member but I can't post.  What gives?
A: New members cannot see their posts until a moderator approves them. You will click the post button, but you won't see your post even though it is indeed there because it is in an "unapproved" state. Reposting the same thing will just stack up duplicate invisible posts that will be deleted except for the original. Please be patient, after you have proved you are a valid new member and not a spammer you will be able to post normally.  We are doing this because although we have eliminated spambots, humans are still registering and spamming us. We don't want our members to be bothered with spam anymore.

Q: Which is the best forum for discussing politics and religion?
A: A word about discussing politics and religion... it isn't done in polite company, at work, or here. Both subjects are explosive hot topic buttons. If you want to talk about politics I invite you to attend one of the thousands of forums out there devoted to that general topic. My experience at other forums is that when politics becomes a part of it, it leads to extremely bad feelings and even hatred among forum members bleeding into other completely unrelated areas. It can very quickly spiral out of control. In IMG forums especially, teamwork and camaraderie among its members is vital to the nature of the work being done here. We need each other to help one another with technical problems, share the fun of Mac gaming, and provide new gaming information as we find it on the internet and through other friends. Trust me on this one, if you are ripping each other's lungs out in Off Topic, it WILL carry over into the other forums.  These posts and threads are deleted on sight.

I don't care what your politics are, but I DO care about the health of this forum.  [Edit - tBC]

Where does the IMG Forum stand on software piracy?
On its neck.  IMG Forums has a strict policy against all forms of software piracy.  Please do not post links to, give instructions on how to, or otherwise engage in piracy while you are here.  This includes so-called abandonware, CD-cracks and bypassing EULA's and DRM.  Discussion on the existence or impact of piracy is OK but please, do not engage in the act on the forums.  What you do in your private life is your own business but please stay aboveboard in the forums.[Edit - tBC]

Q: Is it OK to put an image in my signature?
A: Sig images have been sent to the place of wailing and gnashing of teeth.  It was decided a long time ago by popular demand that not having them made for a much more clean looking and less distracting forum.  Sorry, please do not put an image in your signature. [Edit - tBC]

Q: Can we post games for sale here?
A: Yes you can.  You can also request games to buy from others.  Pamper the capitalist in you at the Buy & Sell forum. [Edit - tBC]

Q: My cursor is visible in the middle of the screen when playing games, what gives?
A: It is due to the DivX plugin. Remove the plugin from your QuickTime Plugins folder, or create a new user account for gaming and don't install DivX for that user. [Edit - tBC]

Q: What is that "Warn Meter" under my avatar?  Have I done something wrong?
A: The warn meter is a new enhancement to the forums since we converted over from the phpBB to the Invision forum boards.  Everybody has one but you can only see your own, mods can see everyone's warn meter.    As long as it is at 0% you are fine.  If it reaches 100% then some sort of administrative action will be taken depending on the situation.  If you click on the percentage number (it is a link) a popup window shows you who warned you and why.  You may also receive a PM from the mod explaining the situation in more detail. [Edit - tBC]

Q: What games have wide screen support and how do I adjust the settings manually?
A: Check out WSTE_M's very cool IMG blog for explicit instructions. [Edit - tBC]

Q: Which is the best forum to post my call to sign a petition?
A: On a forum far far away from here, preferably on another planet in another star system.  Nothing closer than 7 parsecs if you would be so kind.  It has been decided several times in several discussions that petitions at best don't work well and at worst even hurt the subject of the petition.  If nothing else it annoys a lot of folks on the forum, so I ask you politely, please don't post links to petitions.  They will be locked on sight.  There is only one exception, the "Free the Battle Cat" petition for when I go postal from moderating this joint and exterminate my hometown.  [Edit - tBC]

Q: Is game X (or the expansion to game X) coming to the Mac and when will it be released?
A: Look at the Release Date page. It keeps track of most games that are coming to the mac. If it's not there, do a search on the news page and if it isn't up there, it haven't been announced for Mac. And if it haven't been announced, nobody that knows anything about it will be allowed to say so, so posting about it is just silly.

Q: When is the x.y.über patch for game X coming for Mac? The PC one has been out for an eternity and a half and the number of servers are declining fast!
A: Look at the News page  for the latest news on any Mac game. Posting here for question will in most cases not result in anything but sour comments from people who sees the question for the 37th time in a week. Even if news on patches sometimes are posted on the forums, there's usually enough of topics on the game for the developer to post in.

Q: Can I play game X against friend's with PC
A: Click here for an ongoing list in progress.  You can also visit MacGamer have put together a feature for game networking. It lists most networkable Mac games out there and the compatibility with PCs. [Edit - tBC]

Q: Where can I get more info on game X, such as systems specs and similar?
A: Either go to the publisher's website or look it up in the Mac Game Database.

Q: Can an Emulator like Virtual PC be used effectively to play PC games on a Mac?

A: This depends on what game you are trying to play, pretty much any 2D games will run on Virtual PC, but once you get into 3D PC games, it's much worse. While basic games eg. Quake will run acceptably, anything more demanding on anything less than a G5 will be pretty much unplayable. This is down to the lack of hardware acceleration in VPC. It also depends very much on the Mac you are using and the version of VPC you are using. So, 2D Games, mainly yes, 3D Games, mainly no.

Q: How do I make my forum posts looks all spiffy with colors and nice links and suchlike?
A: The forum uses BBCode for formatting the posts, read the BBCode guide here.
[Edit - fixed link for new forum - tBC]


Q: Is there a hard disk format that both my Mac and Windows OS can read?
A: Yes.

Q: How can I play Half Life on my Mac!?
A: You can't, unless you have an older Voodoo card and Virtual PC3, which supports Glide which was an API option for Half Life. It is the only real way to play this game outside of a very small single digit frame rate.

Q: Where are all the hardware questions?
A: The hardware questions moved to their own FAQ in the Hardware Forum.
[Edit - fixed link for new forum - tBC]

First Person Shooters

Q: How do I install mods in UT 2003?
A: There is an umod installer on the second install disk. Just copy it to your hard drive and double click to start it.

Q: UT 2003 keeps quitting on me. What is wrong?
A: There is a problem with the way that game played music in levels that are user installed. For instance, if you downloaded the big bonus map pack, that could very well be the issue. They are currently working on a new patch to remedy this problem, as well as the inverted colors under OS X.2. Until then, try re-installing the game/patch and see if the problem persists on the stock maps.

Q: I'm having problems with the OS X version of the original Unreal Tournament. Why?
A: This is a beta release which hasn't been updated for many months. Some things simply cannot be fixed.

Q: How do I display framerates in a game?
A: That varies from game to game, but in most games you bring down the terminal (usually the tilde '~' key) and type the command to show the FPS (frames per second) counter. The commands for different games are:
UT2k3, Americas Army: stat fps
JKII, SoF2, Q3: /cg_drawFPS 1 (0 to turn off)
Heavy Metal FAKK2, Alice, EF2, Medal of Honor: fps 1
Red Faction: info
Halo: rasterizer_FPS on (or 1) ( ' key for console, must be enabled in pre-game menu)
More to follow, just post the game here and I'll fill it in.

Role-Playing Games

Q: Fallout/Fallout 2 crashes when I quit, what should I do?
A: Right (or control) click the game and select "Show Package Contents". From there you open the Contents folder and the Resources folder. From there you remove the file duckandcover.aiff and everything should work just fine.

Q: How do I install the PC expansions for Mac NWN?
A: Download the OpenKnights NWN Auto-Updater and let it install the expansions and all needed patches for you.

Q: I get odd slowdowns in NWN sometimes when I'm using ctrl-F2 and ctrl-F3 to access quick-bar items. Is there any way to fix this?
A: It's being caused by Full Keyboard Access in OS X. It is activated with ctrl-F1  and after that ctrl-F2 pulls down a menu for keyboard browsing and ctrl-F3 allows you to browse the dock. You can turn this off in Keyboard & Mouse Preferences in Panther, under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Just disable ctrl-F1 there (you can as well disable ctrl-F2-F7 as well, since they depend on ctrl-F1).

Sport Games

Q: How do you display framerates in Tiger Woods?
A: Just press "r" on the keyboard.
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Posted 28 December 2003 - 11:49 AM

This post is dedicated to all the people that have contributed to the FAQ. These include:

Greg Gant
tito p.
Tycho Celchu

If you feel left out, please tell me so and I'll add you ;)

Thank you!
You shouldn't ask yourself such worthless questions.†Aim higher.†Try this: why am I here? Why do I exist, and what is my purpose in this universe?

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Posted 09 March 2004 - 02:18 PM

A common one I've been noticing is:
Where can I find the OS X patch for Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire?
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Posted 31 May 2004 - 09:36 AM

In case someone hasn't found a website where he/she can host his/her avatar; this is one. There is also a number of other sites that offer free image hosting.

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 04:48 AM

Building on Dools' and Xaphs's earlier posts and my own rant to SPK, I now present, for the second time:

Whaleman's guide to getting some respect on the forums:
1. Read the posts in the topic. Read carefully through the question and all replies so that you know that you reply to the question or are making a comment on the subject, not just some random garbage posted based the forum title. Also, if what you are about to post already has been posted, don't post it. Unless you can give additional information about it.

2. Think before you post. Are what you are about to post valid? Does it make sense? Is anybody asking to know about it? Don't post useless stuff just to gain a few posts. (This goes to all the veterans as well).

3: Do a forum search before posting a new topic. It is much better to re-use old topics than to start new for every single issue with a game, the more topics there are, the harder the forum search will be to use. Duplicate topics lead to an extreme confusion, so it should be avoided at all costs.

4. Check your facts. The best way to avoid being flamed is to be right. If you're not certain on what you're about to post, google some and check the facts. Just look at SPK for an example, he's been wrong so much that nobody listens to him.

5. Check your language. Bad grammar, spelling and layout is an easy way to get flamed. Actually, spelling is not that important, and if you're from a non-english native country, grammar doesn't mean a thing either, since it's not to be expected from you. But always starting sentences with a capital letter, spelling out full words and ending it with a dot, it makes a lot. Correct use of comma is a bonus.

6. Be sure to point out when you're speculating, or are uncertain. A lot people try to post everything they say as a fact written in stone, which can be highly annoying when they are in fact speculating wildly. If you are speculating, or unsure about your facts, be sure to say so. Actually, if you're unsure, see point 4 again. But if time does not exist, or your googling/forum search doesn't help you, make sure to say that you're not certain.

7: Don't Lie. Just look how much respect SydeX gets these days. That's what you get for being a Central American Army Ranger Playing C&C: Generals At Internet Cafe's In Baghdad, Japan.

and finally, but most important:

8. If you don't have anything to say, don't say it. If a person posts hundreds of posts just saying "yes", "I concur" or just the wide-eyed smiley (that one is for you Unit_X), nobody is going to take that person seriously. For the people that live here, respect comes from post content, not post count, so don't spam to gain respect, it has the opposite effect.
You shouldn't ask yourself such worthless questions.†Aim higher.†Try this: why am I here? Why do I exist, and what is my purpose in this universe?

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Posted 07 July 2004 - 04:10 PM

A question coming up all too often in here:

Q: Will game x run on my mac?
A: If it has a demo, try it out and see. (Most demo's can be downloaded at www.macgamefiles.com) If not, check the minimum system requirements of the game and compare with you're mac.

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Posted 08 July 2004 - 03:53 AM

To the forum etiquette I would like to add using descriptive titles when creating a new topic, crap like "WTF PLEASE HELP????" or "!!!!L00K HERE!!!!11!!!" aren't as uncommon as I'd wish. Also consider which part of the forum is appropriate for a new thread, don't post cries for troubleshooting help into general etc.
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#9 Tycho Celchu

Tycho Celchu


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Posted 08 July 2004 - 04:28 PM

Everyone here should read this too.
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Posted 12 July 2004 - 01:02 PM

Here's one that's been annoying me quite a lot lately:

Question: What games should I buy for my iMac/iBook/eMac/Powerbook/Powermac?

Answer: Do some reading of Inside Mac Games' review section at: www.insidemacgames.com/reviews . All types of mac games have been reviewed with great detail by the IMG staff and information about how the game should run on your system is also included with any review you should care to read.

This seems pretty obvious, but I've seen a few really stupid threads lately asking "what game should I play".

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Posted 18 July 2004 - 07:58 PM

How do I turn on FSAA and/or Anisotropic Filtering in Unreal Tournament 2003/2004/America's Army.

Original Source

Snipped from Ryan Gordon's .plan.

" It won't be available via the UI, but you can enable it in the .ini files and tweak it from the console. This is deliberate; not only can the UI not change at this point without breaking network compatibility with Linux and Windows (it's defined in the data files), but I really don't want people screwing with it unless they know what they're doing. The details, for those that want them:

   In your .ini file, in the "[OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice]" section:

    ; Number of buffers for multisampling. 0 to disable FSAA. OSX (and the
    ;  GL_ARB_multisample extension) only support 1 buffer, currently.

    ; Number of samples per pixel fragment. 0 to disable FSAA. "2" or "4" are
    ;  probably good choices.

    ; This only applies to GeForce 3 and GeForce 4 cards, apparently. Changes
    ;  the anti-aliasing algorithm that is used. 1 is "fastest smoothing",
    ;  2 is "nicest smoothing", 0 is "don't care" (which is the same as "2"
    ;  by default, but if there was a control panel or environment variable,
    ;  it might be able to override the "don't care" setting).

   And that's it. If you set up MultisampleBuffers and MultisampleSamples,
   you can tweak in-game from the console:

    Turn FSAA completely off:
      "fsaa disable"

    Turn FSAA back on (it must have been enabled at startup via the .ini!):
      "fsaa enable"

    Tweak multisampling hint:
      "fsaahint fastest"
      "fsaahint nicest"
      "fsaahint dont_care"

FSAA is done with the OpenGL extension "GL_ARB_multisample" and the MultisampleHint thing uses "GL_NV_multisample_filter_hint". The Hint only works on GF3 or better cards (no ATI support, sorry), but basic FSAA works on damned near anything (the list from Apple is: "Radeon, Radeon Mobility, Radeon 7500 Mobility, Radeon 8500, Radeon 9000 Pro, GeForce 3, GeForce 4Ti"). You really don't need MultisampleHint unless you're a real tweaker...FSAA still looks more or less like you'd expect it to on any video card...hinting allows for more smoothing, but honestly, I think it makes it too blurry with the "nicest" hint, and kinda dig the "fastest" mode. I didn't see a big different in framerate on a GF4 between no FSAA at all and "nicest" mode, but Your Mileage May Vary...it's very likely that older cards might be doing this in software, and thus will have a serious framerate hit."
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Posted 07 January 2005 - 11:28 PM

Unit_X, on May 31st 2004, 09:36 AM, said:

In case someone hasn't found a website where he/she can host his/her avatar; this is one. There is also a number of other sites that offer free image hosting.

View Post

is my favorite.

I find it easy to use...though the size is limited to 1megabyte.

I <3 RJ