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Sneaky Snaketeflon

I came here deciding I would write something intelligent, but i seem to have failed
Feb 06 2011 10:20 PM
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Happy birthday!
Aug 19 2010 02:45 PM
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Hey! you screename spelled backwards is nolfet!
Apr 15 2007 11:54 AM
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id tried adding you, but was never accepted... sorry man.
Jan 18 2007 05:36 AM
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How am I not one of your friends Stefan? :(
Jan 17 2007 11:05 PM
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teflonthe Battle Cat

one demerit!
take THAT!
Jan 14 2007 05:46 PM
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teflonthe Battle Cat

its fine now. i needed to adjust my haxies, ie. turn them off and on again, and now theyre fine
Jan 06 2007 04:15 PM
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teflonthe Battle Cat

took me ages to figure this one out... turns out it doesnt work for me in Safari.. hrmph. im getting old. and worst of all, Gary says were all turning gay!
Jan 05 2007 07:46 PM
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the Battle Catteflon

Great Britain's last great hope.
Jan 05 2007 07:36 PM