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In Topic: Mac Upgrade path for a gamer?

22 March 2019 - 07:00 AM

I just use the 256GB internal on my iMac to store a few things I want to load ultra fast (borderlands, WoWs).

Everything else (including boot) is on a 2TB external thunderbolt SSD (also have a 6TB Toshiba rust for bulk storage). It is under 30 seconds from cold boot to desktop with the external SSD. It's not really a slouch. I was not going to frak around with symlinking my home folder.

In Topic: Might I Pose Another Question?

22 March 2019 - 06:50 AM

View PostToranRa, on 21 March 2019 - 05:09 PM, said:

I think this is it, though I don't know if I remember all of these characters. Was this on a demo disk for old Macs?

It may have been on a demo disk. I had a 575 and we got it in some sort of pack of games that also came with The Labyrinth of Time (I also played this a lot).

In Topic: Might I Pose Another Question?

21 March 2019 - 07:12 AM

View Postnick68k, on 21 March 2019 - 07:09 AM, said:

Wow, good guess.

I played it a lot as a kid. The disk is still kicking around here somewhere.

In Topic: Might I Pose Another Question?

21 March 2019 - 06:32 AM

Spaceship Warlock?

In Topic: Mac Upgrade path for a gamer?

20 March 2019 - 07:00 AM

Why would you need to make a bunch of symlinks if you're booting off an external SSD?

View PostMatt Diamond, on 20 March 2019 - 06:46 AM, said:

My Mac Pro 2008 is (holds up both hands with fingers extended) THIS many years old. I upgraded the video card twice. So I'm holding out for the next Mac Pro, and if it lasts 8-10 years it will have been well worth the expense. But if it is ARM or starts at $5000 then I'll probably get a Mini with eGPU instead.

I like the idea of making a Hackintosh, but I just don't have the patience at this time of life.

You'd make up half the difference just in electricity with a mini and eGPU :teehee: (spoken as someone who also owns a 2008, though it's to really used anymore)