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Mac Mini 2018 and Logitech G502 - high pitch noises

13 November 2019 - 07:53 AM

Hello there,

the following problem: the G502 is 'leaking' into the Mac mini. Every time I move the mouse the mini makes (low volume) high frequency noises from the inside, not the speakers.

I am using this mouse for several months now and I haven't noticed it before but since I did, this is very annoying when working quietly e.g writing / photo editing etc. I cannot tell if it was from the beginnng or it has occured just recently.

Connecting over USB-Hub or directly or using Ferrit-Cores does not help.

My old MX 518 (yes, the original ;) ) does not do this, so I am pretty sure it's the G502 and not the screen or something else.

Any ideas besides exchanging the mouse?