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TV-Like Ads In Video Games?

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Posted 27 July 2005 - 11:01 AM

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Massive Inc. has been experimenting with advertisments that resemble TV commercials with full motion video and sound in a game called Anarchy Online. The way it works is that when a player moves near the advertisment, it will begin playing. However, the advertisment will stop when the player moves away.

Here is a glance at the article:

Massive's move comes less than a year after it created a stir in the videogame-advertising industry by offering advertisers the chance to insert still ads into videogames played on Internet-connected computers. Massive uses the Internet to insert ads into spaces in the games. The ads can also be changed and withdrawn whenever the advertisers want. The technique was a big step forward for videogame advertising, which previously was restricted to ads inserted into games while the games were made. Because games can take up to a couple of years to be designed, this required advertisers to put their ads into games well before the games' release.
This evolution of advertising in games will surely change the way games are for better or worse. The plus is that game companies could have continuous revenue with these advertisments. Unfortunetly, this could also lead to in-game advertisments that could distract players and alter game design. Also, movie companies have shown interest in running short film trailers in online games.

The introduction of full-motion ads on games gives advertisers more options. Massive's Mr. Davis says Hollywood movie studios have shown particular interest in running 15-second movie trailers in online games. Mr. Rich says Paramount may be interested in such ads, but emphasized that the content of any such ads shouldn't turn off gamers.
Expect to start seeing these advertisments in games more and more in the near future. Furthermore, the advertisments will most likely expand to the gaming consoles. To read the entire article, follow the link below.
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