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In Topic: ARPG Hellpoint

04 July 2020 - 02:42 PM

it looks like Dark Souls....In spehs!

You either like Souls type games or you don't.  

I don't.  I like a little more " action" in my Action RPGs

In Topic: Monitor suggestions?

03 July 2020 - 05:28 PM

Nah its SFW


In Topic: Monitor suggestions?

03 July 2020 - 02:25 PM

View Postthe Battle Cat, on 03 July 2020 - 10:26 AM, said:

I missed your stuffed animal reference.  Link me cause I'm old and can't find it.

its in the pics.  I have a pair of Croconanna's and a crochet'ed F-bomb.

Ill post a pic of the F-bomb later, but you can find Croconanna at Sorbetjungle.com

In Topic: Monitor suggestions?

02 July 2020 - 08:24 PM

In just surprised no one noticed and/or made fun of my stuffed animals and F-bomb.

In Topic: Monitor suggestions?

28 June 2020 - 10:27 PM

Most games will letterbox 16:9 with black bars on the sides.