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Mac Game Headlines of Yesteryear

01 June 2018 - 11:11 AM

Well this is a huge waste of time, but I've been looking through old IMG news headlines. From the news archive page I pick a month at random and poke around. http://www.insidemac...ews/archive.php

A few fun ones I found from 2002:

April 3, 2002: Myst Miniseries Coming to TV

I can't wait to watch it!

Feb 1, 2002: IMG Interviews Steve Jobs

Nice get! Presumably this was during one of Jobs' infrequent "we like games" moods. Money quote: "When I returned to Apple a few years ago, games were viewed as something which would paint the Mac as a less-than-serious business tool, so game development was discouraged. We feel quite differently, and actively try to nurture our game developers."

Apr 3 2002: IMG Reviews Geneforge

Some outfit called Spiderweb Software, publishing an old school 2D RPG even as 3D video cards were sweeping the market. Really bad timing. Good luck selling that, Jeff Vogel! Don't quit your day job!

Apr 17, 2002: Tuncer is a Dad!

I don't have anything snarky to say about this one.  It just reminded me that my daughter was just a baby back then. Now she's in high school... (sniff) Sorry, I just need a minute...

Okay I'm back. It's also fun to reminded of old games. Freedom Force?! I'd love a modern remake of that.

Surprising number of names in 2002 are still relevant. Bungie and Blizzard of course, but also there's news about USB Overdrive (which I just started using again this week.) Civ III, X-Plane. Feral is mentioned only occasionally, Aspyr is on fire back then, but both are still around today.

Moar Mac Kickstarters

10 October 2017 - 06:11 PM

Been a while since I backed something, but this game pushed a lot of (good) buttons for me:


Animal Crossing with a Studio Ghibli style, plus dungeons and farming. The page doesn't make it entirely clear, but the FAQ specifically mentions Mac support.

Interested to hear about others.

Overload (don't call it Descent)

15 August 2017 - 08:50 PM

Just spent an enjoyable 90 minutes playing Overload 0.6 (early access on Steam).

It's not called Descent because the Descent: Underground folks have the rights to the name, but the actual veterans from Descent are developing Overload. (For example Matt Toschlog, who worked on Descent 3 and helped Duane Johnson port it to Mac.) Emphasis is on single-player whereas D:U is emphasizing multiplayer. This isn't news for some of you, I know..

Anyway I just wanted to post that the game is shaping up great. Runs really smoothly on my Mac Pro 2008 (with GTX 680). Today I played some challenge levels (survival mode, basically) and a couple of the single player levels. Now I feel slightly nauseous and the room is spinning a little. It's just like old times!

Although the game isn't done it's not too early to try it out. I had a problem with fullscreen showing a corrupted screen, but once I'd switched back to windowed mode temporarily the problem never came back (Might have been a corrupted setting from playing the teaser level last year.) It's otherwise been rock solid.