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GOG Galaxy 2.0 Beta for Mac available

09 December 2019 - 01:37 PM

The one launcher to rule all launchers, GOG Galaxy 2.0 is now available as open beta, also for Mac.

Despite having to show literally hundreds of games in my library (I connected it to all my other accounts - PSN, Steam, Origin, Uplay, Epic), it's running better than Steam ever did. You can easily install every game that is available for your current platform: if it requires a different launcher which you haven't installed yet, you get redirected to the corresponding download page first.

Not everything works yet, though. I can't seem to get the friend lists of other platforms than GOG itself to work (but maybe I'm just missing something), some stats don't sync properly, and GOG seems to be confused which Steam games are Mac compatible (showing me for instance Borderlands Enhanced as supported under macOS, but not The Bard's Tale IV).

The new Mac Pro has wheels…

03 June 2019 - 12:54 PM

…making it the fastest computer in a race on the office hallway. (I'm actually expecting this joke to come up repeatedly in the next time.)

But seriously, the thing seems to be a beast and I guess it should be mostly what most pros wanted, with its standard PCIe extension slots and extensible memory. The design is (in my opion) somewhat ungainly, but it seems functional.

What I'm a bit sceptical about at the moment is the thermal management, especially if it's really good enough to effectively cool a number of dual GPU graphics cards, a multicore Xeon CPU, and a massive PSU. We'll see. I'm also not sure if the proprietary expansion module formats (MPX) will really catch on and find third-party support, but the possibility to fall back to standard PCIe probably does not make this much of a problem.

But no ARM CPUs. Yay!