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Project Gorgon hardcore high fantasy mmo like Everquest

mmorpg mmo

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Posted 25 April 2020 - 11:53 AM


Everything about this game manages to charm, from its old-school EverQuest-like aesthetic to its wry sense of humor and wit.
The skills I was learning, throwaway as they sounded (You get levels in Dying) actually have some purpose (…which grants you permanent stat bonuses).

Even the ability to perform autopsies on the enemies I killed was starting to provide some benefit, inching me closer to a point where I could actually gauge enemy strengths and weaknesses before I target them.

Most of the time you’re happy to see the end of a dungeon, but in Project Gorgon, I was too busy being rewarded for exploring the area and finding as much as I could, so that’s what I did.

The community is the best I have come across since EQ in the early days. They're polite, friendly and eager to help, even if it means covering some distance to answer a plea for help to kill a Boss in order to get rid of a Curse or someone saying they'll take some new players down into The Crypt to unlock Necromancy skill. It's a pleasure to see chat channels so active.

hat is what get my so addicted with this game, non instanced zone to cause that interaction between players
how come the others developer seems dont get it instead keep making soulless genetic design + instanced dungeon that make me yawning after 10 mins ?

tried to force myself into ESO over the 6 years on and off but i just couldnt ..also world of warcraft i just cant,i hate that i am given birth by a trash useless parents who cant afford me popsnizzle

if i am born a kardashian? i would have invest billions into this game

i am glad that someone with such a small team would put in such effort and ethusitaism into this game to make me have that eq feel again

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