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Interactive Euphoria, Sans Noise

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Posted 10 August 2004 - 07:08 PM

A couple weeks ago I purchased a 12" Rev C PB with expanded memory and I was happily confident that it would serve me in a variety of roles, one of them being a gaming machine. So far it has lived up to my expectations admirably, except for one minor caveat: the noise. Although it plays games like NWN and WCIII smoothly, the fan still sounds like a lawn mower with an identity crisis. The problem stems from the fact that the places where I would like to play most of my games (lectures on the Freud's theory concerning the Oedipus complex, for instance) look disfavorably upon a laptop conspicuously making more noise than a jet engine when all it's supposed to be doing is word processing. Tends to quench the morale, you understand.

Now, this isn't a pity post; I understand that the processor heats up during intense loads and so forth. What I am interested in, however, are some retro titles that you guys know from experience won't make much noise on my machine. Preferably shareware, though i doesn't really matter much. Things like text RPGs, older titles circa the 1990s, etc. For reference, a game like Mutant Storm causes the fan to work constantly as well. Any recommendations?