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Old Macs Need New Home

04 September 2017 - 12:02 PM

I'm not sure if there will be any interest in these but, I have several old Macs that I've collected over the years that I'm willing to give away to anyone who might want them. The only thing I'd ask in exchange is shipping cost. We're in the process of moving and my wife does not want to take these with us. The collection includes ...

PowerBook 100: Not working but it does have the user guide.
PowerBook 1400CS: Most likely not working.
Macintosh SE/30: Not working, dumpster gift from a friend.
Power Macintosh 8500/180: This one may still be working. Best I recall it was working when I retired it.
Power Mac G5 1.8SP: Pretty sure this one should be working as well.

Hard drives have been removed from the towers.

I also have several old Apple mice, a couple old Apple keyboards and some random cables.

If nobody wants any of these, they will either go to our local e-waste center or a charity. I'd prefer the charity, but I'm not really sure what charity in the San Diego area could make good use them.

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