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Cyan's new Kickstarter: Firmament

26 March 2019 - 10:01 AM

Cyan has a way of making me feel financially irresponsible. Last year I shelled out for the Myst Linking book + Inkwell for their 25th anniversary, and I am forking over a similar amount again.

This time it's Firmament, which you may remember was a proof of concept they demoed a while back hoping to get investors. I am guessing that didn't work out?

Given Cyan's Mac history I'm a bit sad that I've had to post this here, but understandable given they're asking for the same amount as Obduction, and they're building it for VR/PC from the get-go...I guess something had to give. Obduction also had a lot of performance issues with UE4 on the Mac.

New 2018 MBPs released

12 July 2018 - 02:02 PM

Surprise. Given the no WWDC news I'd figured that would be it until the Fall. I guess these would have been too embarrassing to announce on stage.

-Same popsnizzlety keyboard. It might be fixed, but they're not saying so probably not.
-Same port layout (which I'm fine with, BTW. But Apple, just put a card reader in there for the photography people.)
-Useless TouchBar is still not optional, but hey, it's now got a T2 chip, so you can shout at Siri not working from across the room
-True Tone display, but same popsnizzlety resolution...so the default scaled setting makes your display blurry like a layer of Vaseline
-New leather sleeves. Now you can put your laptop inside an overpriced bit of dead cow! Sexy.

Most of this is snark. I love my 2016 (and its keyboard is fine, knock on...aluminum). I would have liked something major, but I'm just glad Apple is upgrading these yearly now. (I guess my standards have fallen). I'll be happy to get four cores, which games still won't properly utilize, in the 13" when I upgrade in a few years.

New Steam UI

12 June 2018 - 02:27 PM

Anyone try the new Steam beta? Just look at this crime against humanity:

Posted Image

In all seriousness, it's a beta, and overall, I like the new look, although it is too large. (And the above image is pixellated because Retina isn't working properly on the macOS version. Edit: nevermind, looks like it's working now. I don't think it updates properly when moving the window from a non-retina external.)

Still, I would not entirely be surprised if they just left it like that in the 1.0 release given they never bothered to fix the Snow Leopard stoplight icons. So, go give feedback!

I still wish they'd build native versions instead of using a cross-platform UI framework. We'll never get platform-specific features like the macOS emoji picker. Scrolling, although it *looks* native now, still isn't--the bar doesn't auto expand and there is no rubber band effect.

MacOS 10.14 - Mojave

04 June 2018 - 01:47 PM

What are everyone's thoughts on 10.14? I'll get the joke out of the way: It's Mojave because the features are as  sparse as a desert.

I skipped 10.13 due to the bugs, but 10.14 actually has things I want, so I hope it is solid. I wasn't sure if I'd want a dark mode, but it looks sexy as hell. They have tackled a lot of low-hanging fruit: HomeKit support, archaic app store, etc. The privacy features are important. And everyone's favorite feature, Cover Flow, lives again!*

It's a bit strange that it doesn't seem that they brought over the new Siri automation and notifications changes from iOS 12, though. No word about Messages using UIKit (so we finally have everyone's favorite feature, screen effects.)

And why doesn't iOS 12 have a dark mode? It seems we are always perpetually out-of-sync one way or the other in respect to features.

Anyway, I got real worried at 1:20 and the word "Mac" had yet to be uttered, but I am mildly placated.

*Seriously though if they bring this back to Safari I will be ecstatic. That's the one place where it was useful.

Edit: Oh snap - Deprecated OpenGL: https://twitter.com/...7976705/photo/1

I wonder how long OpenGL apps will continue to work.